D.C. Chapters Stress Giving What you Can

D.C. Chapters Stress Giving What you Can

There are quite a few things in the charity world that are well publicized. Goodwill Industries and their vehicle donation program is one of those things. The problem with that, though, is that sometimes people can forget about other ways to help.

According to the folks at Goodwill Industries, people seem to forget that there are plenty of other ways that they can give back to the community. With Goodwill, folks are encouraged to donate auto parts and all sorts of other things if they can’t spare a car.

The people who run the D.C. chapters of Goodwill Industries understand the realities of the current economic situation. Though some people might want to give to Goodwill, it can be really difficult to do so, given the current climate. Giving a car might be a little bit too much to ask, which is why it is important that people understand the need for those willing to donate auto parts. The Goodwill chapters can make good use of things that you might not have ever expected, and they are happy to take valuable items off of your hands if you don’t need them.

Those who donate auto parts are giving Goodwill an opportunity to do their good works in the community. There is a market for these parts, and charities often have avenues for getting the most out of even the smallest part. At this point, though, the biggest challenge for Goodwill is the perception that it’s useless to donate auto parts and things other than cars. It is true that cars are the primary target for the donation program, but that does not mean that things like boats, parts, and all-terrain vehicles can’t be used, as well.

For those with something of value and the desire to help, Goodwill wants to get out the message that they are certainly interested. If you can donate a car, then that is excellent. If you can’t, then donate auto parts instead.

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