D.C. Goodwill thrift stores becoming more popular

D.C. Goodwill thrift stores becoming more popular

If you have ever heard from the people working at Goodwill Industries, you know how important it is to donate a car to their charity effort. Who would have guessed that Goodwill Industries in Washington does so much more than just solicit used cars, though? In reality, a lot of what they do is out in the open and it doesn't have anything to do with asking you to donate a car. Their stores can be seen all over the country, and all over the D.C. area.

The Washington chapter of Goodwill Industries currently has one of the most popular thrift store networks in the entire country. There has been quite an effort to make these places more popular, as they are a steady source of revenue, but few places have seen the takeoff that D.C. has experienced. When people purchase stuff from a Goodwill Industries thrift store, the money is being used to augment the money collected when you donate a car. These are smaller donations, though, but they add up over time.

The interesting thing about these thrift stores is that they seem to be encouraging young people to get into the act a little bit more. You might not be surprised to hear that older individuals are more likely to donate a car to charity, so it figures that something else might bring more young folks into the mix. That is exactly what is happening all over the Metro area and the surrounding Washington thrift stores.

The stuff being purchased at Goodwill Industries' thrift stores can vary wildly in both style and price. Some people go there to shop for vintage t-shirts. Some people go there to find things for themed parties. Others go to find old furniture that they can turn into something great and usable. Whatever the case, this is what helps Goodwill Industries the most, along with the times when someone donates a car to charity. It might be a slightly different demographic doing the donating at these spots, but since it all goes into the same community pot to help with Goodwill programs, it's all encouraged by the folks in charge.

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