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Digital Lifestyle

Roger is the Founder at Enfusen. He was #40 on Entrepreneur Magazines Most Influential Digital Marketers in 2016. His past companies have made INC Magazines Fastest Growing Companies in 2011, 2012, & 2013.

Don’t miss the opportunity to have an amazing life. Meet people and surround yourself with those who are on the same path as you in living the digital lifestyle that comes with a digital marketing agency.


0:40 The freedom it provides

2:05 Understand why you’re getting into this

3:13 Start to meet people

4:50 Huge opportunity to have an amazing life.

If you’re watching this video, hopefully that means that you’ve seen all the other videos in this series. You’ve looked at how to pick a niche, how to tell an authentic story. You’ve gone through the different scaling videos that you see what it takes to actually build an agency. I put this video at the end of this project on purpose. It’s easy for me to think that we could lead with the lifestyle of a digital marketer, but I want to conclude with the lifestyle of the digital marketer.

You don’t necessarily go into this industry because you like working for other people, or that you like working long hours. You go into this industry because of the freedom that it provides you. The internet is only 25, 26, years old. From a business perspective, it’s still in its infancy. If not, it’s becoming a toddler, but it still doesn’t really know how to walk. That means that you have an opportunity to be part of the biggest ship in three generations when it comes to technology, and the barrier to entry is still almost zero. If you’re willing to put in the hard work at the beginning, getting an agency set up, and up and running, and generating revenue, is something you can do in a matter of days, or weeks, so that you can generate revenue and start to build a business around it.

Let’s talk about what this lifestyle means to me, how I’ve taken advantage of it, and how I’ve actually missed opportunities previous in my life. I started my digital marketing path, really, in 1997 when I sold my first web site online, and then in 2001, when I started doing marketing for auto auctions, car donations, and non-profits. I didn’t really start my first business doing this until 2005 which is now 11 years ago. The first business that I had for seven years was hugely successful by any means considering the education that I had and the background that I had. It really just came down to pure hustle. The problem was I was making a ton of money, but I was always working. I never missed a night out at the bars, but I really wasn’t living a fulfilling life.

As you’re watching this video and I’m trying to give you a lesson on this, I think the first one is, is that understand why you’re getting into this, and then create a road-map of how you’re going to live your life. There’s a ton of guys out there that I know that have done an amazing job of this. It just took me a little bit longer to realize the opportunity than, say, some other people. There’s masterminds. I encourage you to join one, two, three, find the ones that fit for you. The reason for that is that you are the sum of your five closes friends. You’ve all heard that before. Those five friends, when you start your digital marketing business are probably not going to be the people that you grew up with or the people that you hang out with locally. Find people in the industry that understand what it’s like to make a million dollars a year and be able to do anything that you want, whenever you want, so that you guys can enjoy, or gals can enjoy, that freedom together. I mentioned masterminds because that’s where you’re going to find these people. You go to events. There’s two big events that I recommend every year, Traffic and Conversion, and I’m super excited to say that they’re bringing back Underground. At a minimum, got to those two events. Maybe add Inbound, if you’re going more the content marketing or inbound marketing side of the world with HubSpot. There are a hundred other events you can go to. Those are my three favorite.

Start to meet people. Figure out what masterminds are out there and join them.-Tweet This!

Start to meet people. Figure out what masterminds are out there and join them. Here’s why. That three are going to find your friends. You are going to see a shift in the people that you spend your time with. I always joke with my wife that my t-shirt says, ‘Will travel for friends.’, because that’s where I find my friends these days. I’ve got the people that I grew up with. I love seeing them, but I spend more time with the people that I’ve met inside the industry who are living the lifestyle that I live, that I want to live, and that I’m hoping that you can live also. Those masterminds are all over the place. I’ve done them in San Diego. I’ve done them in Belize. I’ve done them in San Francisco. I’ve done them in Boston. They happen all over the world. Some people travel even further. I’ve seen my friends on Facebook doing things in Singapore, and out in the Pacific Ocean, and in Australia. Wherever you want to be, find a group that will take you there, because you get to enjoy the beauty of life, the beauty of this planet, and you get to meet exciting people. Only people in your space are really doing this.

This video series was on the agency side of the world because that’s my experience. I’ve had a successful e-commerce business, but there’s people out there that are far better at it than me. I invite you to go look for someone like Ezra Firestone at Smart Marketer, if you want to learn about living an e-commerce lifestyle. No one does it better than him. I’m not going to talk about that side of the world. What it really comes down to is that if you’re doing this only for the money, you’re missing the biggest opportunity.

There’s probably some people that are watching this video that are former clients, former students, or even friends, that are like, “Who the hell is this guy on this video?” Here’s what I have to say to them … I love this cup. My staff just bought it for me, hopefully you saw what’s underneath of it. There’s such a huge opportunity to have an amazing life. Nothing that I know of can make that easier than having a marketing agency. Yeah, it’s a lot of work. There’s a lot of client responsibility. Some people would say that you’re better of starting a group coaching program. Hey, if you can figure out how to do it, go for it. Not my cup of tea, or this morning, my cup of coffee. Find that path and don’t spend all your time worrying about how much money you are making. Worry more about the life that you are going to live and how doing this will help you get there. When you do that, making money becomes super, super, easy. I promise you.

If you’ve got problems in your agency, if you’re really struggling to live or get your agency up and running scaling, or living the lifestyle of being a digital marketer is like how to do it. I’m sure you had an idea that when you set out to do this you weren’t sitting in your basement banging your head against the wall because your staff doesn’t know what the fuck they’re doing. I want to help you fix that problem. Drop me a message in the comments below. Find the number on our website. Give us a call. I’m happy to talk to you about that. Let us see what we can do to help you scale your agency. Thank you.

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