DIY Wind Turbine

DIY Wind Turbine


Although solar power may be getting the most attention among renewable energy sources, when it comes to generating electricity, wind power is another excellent option which may actually be better in a variety of situations. The wind turbine systems of today are quiet and compact in addition to being exceptionally efficient. Anywhere that has wind can be converted into a power generating area with wind turbines.

Some homeowners are even putting together their own wind turbines. The option of building your own is much more affordable. Designs for homemade wind turbines are usually fairly simple, and it’s possible to put together a working wind turbine over a couple of days once you have the right components. Do you want to know the price range of the different types of commercial wind turbines? Go to wind turbines cost  for more information.

All it takes to put together a wind turbine are some mechanical skills and some simple tools.

In terms of components, there are a few common ones that are necessary. You might even have some in your possession already. Apart from basics like bolts and wire, all wind turbines require rotor blades, a generator, and something to mount the unit on.

The blades and rotor assembly form the centerpiece of the turbine. When the blades catch the wind, the turbine rotates, and this is what leads to the production of power. Different sources offer instructions for building rotor blades, which can be done using PVC pipe. Even with middling mechanical skills, it’s not too difficult to give the rotor blades the proper shape.

Once the blades and rotor are complete, you’ll need an appropriate generator. There are many different sorts of generators available; in many cases, machines with motors can be converted for this purpose. It’s possible to use any kind of motor, as long as it can produce electricity when rotated.

Once you have all of these components, all that’s left is to mount the rotor and blades on one end of a platform and join the shaft from the rotor to the shaft on the generator. For the greatest amount of free power possible, set up the wind turbine in the best available place in terms of wind velocity and consistency.

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