The Project: Drop Shipping Chapter 5 Introduce Your Site

The Project: Drop Shipping Chapter 5 Introduce Your Site

It's finally time to introduce our drop shipping site to the world.  We've spent a month building out our site and our launch strategy which we are now ready to implement.  This BETA launch will give us a chance to fine tune everything for both our customers and the search engines.  So with out future delay here is our new drop shipping site>


Here are some questions we've already been

Why did you pick this product line? Drop shipping starts with a good supplier.  I know there are a ton of websites out there that offer products for you to drop ship but what I look for is a small mom & pops shop that has a great product line that is high quality and affordable.    There are a lot of companies out there like this that may not have the desire or means to market their product on a large scale.  This is where skilled internet marketers come in.

What did you get a .org site? I always start out looking for a .com site but sometimes the right domain is either already in use or the person who owns it wants a ridiculous amount of money for it.  In this case I was able to get the .org for 1/10th the cost of the .com with only a minor downgrade in search engine capabilities.  You will notice that I did buy the dead on domain name for my primary keyword and my primary product.

Why did you design your site using WordPress? The answer here is simple.  First, I design all my sites in WordPress because they have the easiest platform to work with.  By using plugins you can create the system you need with out having to do a lot of hand coding.  WP also allows any of my content developers to log into the site to build out new content and sales pages with out having to have any special coding skills.

What was the biggest problem with the creation of this site? For my developer it was finding a way to not only list the items for sale but to also create a platform where anyone can add, edit, or delete a current product or price.  This was important because we wanted to create a template that could be replicated for other product lines in the future.

Is this template for sale? Not currently.  After the completion of this launch we are going to launch one more product line to double check our system to make sure it works perfectly.  Once we've double tested everything we will be offering this complete package to the public.

Are you really going to use PayPal as your payment processor? The answer is no.  While PayPal does work I always recommend using a direct credit card processor.  We've just signed up with a new one and will be integrating them into the site in a week or so.  Once we've tested them out to make sure they work we'll let everyone know who we chose.

What's the next step in your launch process? Simple - Optimize - Optimize - Optimize.  We've already started our onsite and our offsite optimization.  We are keeping detailed records of everything we are doing so we can publish our process in Chapter six of this eBook.  We are trying to create a template that anyone can duplicate.

Chapter Six should be out next week so if you want to stay up to date on everything we are doing please subscribe below.

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