Energy Ball v100 and the Move to Conserve Power

Energy Ball v100 and the Move to Conserve Power

From the Netherlands, the master of trapping wind energy, comes the new Energy Ball v100. This artistically designed small unit will offer anyone hoping to save money on their next electric bill the ability to do just that.

Wind has always been a valuable source of power, even well before electricity was discovered. Windmills and sailboats are some of the most prominent examples of wind powered equipment and they have been around for eons. It may be difficult to understand how the wind can actually carry energy that can be changed into electricity since it is an invisible force.

The concept of converting wind power into electricity isn’t about harnessing hidden electrical impulses in the air, but the use of friction that is created when the wind passes through sails or objects that turn. The Energy Ball v100 is composed of rotor blades, similar to the idea of helicopters, and the air sliding through moves these parts. In the main part of the machine, a motor catches this power through friction and turns it into electrical power and then moves it on the home or building.

The unique shape of the Energy Ball v100 allows it to accelerate even when there is little wind. It is also an extremely quiet unit due to its amazing aerodynamic design. This device can make 120 volts of power and up to 500 watts when the wind is blowing. It requires as little as 4.5 miles per hour of wind to operate and will handle winds as excessive as 90 miles per hour.

The idea of conserving natural resources has led millions of people on a journey to find better ways to save money as well as our environment. The Energy Ball v100 is a machine that maximizes efficiency in a small package that can be built just about anywhere, whether it’s in the front yard, back lawn, garden, or even on top of the roof. The design appears like a work of art rather than a tool.

Because this unit creates so much energy, depending on the amount and consistency of the wind in a given region, any person can reduce the amount of kilowatt hours they rely on the electric company for. When you diminish your dependence on them, you begin to conserve money for yourself, but you also remove cut the level of electricity you need on the power plant to provide extra power.

Any consumer doesn’t have to own just one Energy Ball v100; due to their small size and appealing styling, you can use many in your yard to produce even more energy. The federal government also has many tax incentives for homeowners who change the amount of their energy into renewable sources, such as wind power.

Wind is formed when currents and storm systems and rarely will any place endure long periods of stagnant air. Moving air is almost as consistent as the sunshine, reliant only on particular weather patterns. Whether you’re a conservationist or simply looking to keep your income on your next electric bill, the Energy Ball v100 can help.

Craig Axelrod is VP of Business Development for Emmy Energy, a <A href="">Long Island solar energy</a> operation installing <A href="">solar heating tubes</a> <A href="">solar electric panels</a> & clean energy systems throughout the Northeast.

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