English Classes Power Goodwill Industries Efforts

English Classes Power Goodwill Industries Efforts

One of the focuses for those people running Goodwill Industries in the last few months has been to improve some of their secondary services, doing things to help out with the community at large. At least in Washington, D.C., they are doing that lately. With the growth of Goodwill’s nation-wide English instruction program, more and more people are getting a chance to assimilate into American culture.

The program seeks to teach English as a second language to those people who might have come to America from elsewhere and it provides a very necessary service. Though some folks might only know Goodwill Industries as those folks who ask you to donate car parts or other things, it is apparent that they are doing more and more to touch the community in other ways, too.

While it remains a very real focus of Goodwill to encourage folks to donate car items that they might not need anymore, the struggling economy has made the charity reach out in other ways. This program is one of many new programs designed to give people something to do. While the programs that push people to donate car parts might be good for collecting revenue, this is a program good for helping the community come together as one. It goes along with the job help programs that give unemployed people something to keep themselves busy.

The success of this program and many like it around the D.C. area has been good thus far. There are some very skilled instructors helping people figure out English in a low pressure environment. These programs are geared towards helping people better understand their fellow workers and their bosses in the workplace. The idea is to improve productivity, thus helping out the economy in a complete win-win situation.

Next time you think about Goodwill Industries, know that they are doing more than hoping that you donate car parts. There are many ways to help out, and these programs are just another example of that.

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