Evolv MLM Review – Can You Actually Make A Lot Of Money With Evolv?

Evolv MLM Review – Can You Actually Make A Lot Of Money With Evolv?

The following Evolv review will focus much more heavily on the business part of the company as opposed to the product line.


Because other health MLM opportunites litter the network marketing landscape and unless you know how to market yourself effectively, you're in massive trouble.

Evolv's product...the Archaea Active formula...is said to be colorless and flavorless water that provides energy, stamina and endurance. This product may also help with circulation, support the immune system and help with absorbing vitamins.

It better do all this for us since every bottle of the stuff retails for about $2.70! I'm sure this is a quality product but I'm just not going to focus our time on it. The point for today is how to make money in the Evolv business opportunity.

There are quite a few people asking, Is Evolv a scam?

If you really look at this issue, there are quite a few people who look at the network marketing industry and call it all a scam. My belief is that network marketing is fantastic. One part of the network marketing industry I don't like, though, is that too many new recruits are taught the wrong methods when it comes to marketing themselves and their opportunity.

To get to the heart of this Evolv review, if you are trying to get rich from your list of family and friends or the few people you've handed your business card to at the mall, you are destined to quit and label not only Evolv a scam, but the entire network marketing industry one as well.

The fact that people end up that way is something that I really do understand. Not one person joins this industry with a plan to fail. Everyone gets involved to actually make some money.

By utilizing the right marketing methods, this goal is attainable.

By focusing your marketing on the other network marketing people in the industry, you now are talking the right group (rather than your family and friends).

It's time for you to develop and use an effective online marketing system. Get going and start using strategies like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, videos, article marketing, ezine ads, pay per click, etc so that you can reach out to more people.

Your target market is the people already interested in MLM...the people who are simply trying to find a leader to help them along. Through a proper online marketing sales funnel, you can position yourself as a true leader...someone others can trust to join and learn from.

You CAN separate yourself from all the other Evolv independent distributors. Utilize cutting edge marketing technology, read the books that build your leadership and attract into your Internet sales funnel eager recruits you can teach to duplicate your efforts.

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