From the Builder of Businesses to the Finder of People

From the Builder of Businesses to the Finder of People

With out the right people your business will not survive.

Many entrepreneurs treat their business like they would a child.  They try to protect it form the outside world.  They come to its defense when someone attacks it.  The fight with all their might to make sure it grows up strong and intelligent.  Yet with all their efforts they fail to see that a business like a child needs outside influences to grow.  It needs strong teachers and mentors to ensure its well rounded development.

Business Consultant Management The business plan will only take you so far.  As will the skills you brought to the table when you started your business.  For it to grow and flourish you'll need assistance, you'll need help.  Understanding that you can  not do everything on your own is a skill that is hard fought to accept.  As with all the important elements in life and in business the sooner you accept that you don't have to do it alone the more you will accomplish.

Before I was a business consultant I was the owner of my company.  This as many consultants find is an important element in your ability to sell yourself to your clients.  How can someone sit and guide and entrepreneur if they don't have the experience they are trying to teach?  In the small business world they simply can not.  A true small business consultant should have experience doing all the things they are telling their client to do.  They should have first hand experience in starting at least one successful business if not many.  The reason?  If they have experience starting multiple small businesses then they will easily tell you what I'm about to share.

The Business Plan and its execution will only take you so far - Your people will take you the rest of the way.

As someone who has first hand experience starting multiple companies with sales in excess of One Million Dollars I can tell you that the single hardest thing I've had to face was the reality that I could not continue to start new companies nor could I grow my current companies with out letting others manage beyond my capabilities.

Letting go is not easy to do as the song says.  Giving someone control over something you spent years creating is like letting your child go for the first day of school.  You are proud of what you have accomplished yet scared of what they will face with out your constant control and guidance.  Your pride is in their success so letting that success continue under someones tutelage other then your own is painfully hard.  Yet once you let go you sometimes can be amazed.

The  bottom line is you can't do anything in business all alone.  Finding the right people to manage the businesses you've built is going to be the key to your and your businesses long term success.

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