Goodwill Industries Accepts Car Donations for Wheels-to-Work

Goodwill Industries Accepts Car Donations for Wheels-to-Work

Goodwill Industries works to improve the lives of people all across America. From providing affordable clothes and houseware to helping people with job placements, they're all about giving people a better quality of life however they can. Goodwill has now identified another need that many Americans have - the ability to get to work on time. To address this problem, they established the Wheels-to-Work program.

There are qualifications that people wanting assistance with transportation need to have, so you can rest assured that any car you donate will be given to a family who needs it. From having a job to having a clean liscense, Goodwill makes sure those participating in the program have everything they need to drive safely and sensibly - and stay that way.

Donating your vehicle through Charity Dispatch can help to make the whole process as simple as possible. Working with Goodwill Industries, Charity Dispatch will help you with every step of the process when you donate your car to a charity. Worrying about the potential complications of the process is no longer an excuse not to donate your car.

Once you donate your car, it is thoroughly checked for safety purposes. Once it is given a clean bill of health, it will either be awarded to a family in need (that passes the requirements of the Wheels-to-Work program) or it will be auctioned off, with the money being used to fund other projects.

Giving your vehicle to Goodwill Industries' Wheels-to-Work program is a good way to help others to get their lives back on track. By working with Charity Dispatch, you can make sure the whole process goes as smoothly as possible. If you want to help change somebody's life by donating your car, but you don't know how to go about it, contact Charity Dispatch or Goodwill Industries today!

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