Goodwill Industries fundraisers going environmental

Goodwill Industries fundraisers going environmental

With each passing year, the people in charge of leading Goodwill Industries in Washington decides to do something new for fundraising. Sure, the car donation programs remain the same and are still the primary focus for the organization, but they try to mix it up a little bit with the smaller fundraisers. This year, they have been doing more for the environment, and it's just another way that Goodwill is helping out the Washington, D.C. community.

So what are these fundraisers and what have they been trying to accomplish? Individuals have been rewarded for recycling and other eco-friendly efforts over the course of the year. Money donated to Goodwill Industries for this effort has gone to supplement the car donation program, and it's been yet another way to give back to the community.

The key idea behind these new fundraisers is to let people know that they are appreciated. Though sometimes the car donation program can seem like an unsolicited attempt to bring in more money, it's really all done for the good of the Metro community at large. These programs give something back to the donors directly, though, by offering them a chance to win gift cards and other items of value.

Not only has this helped to increase the programs themselves, but it has done a lot to boost the car donation program, which is still in dire need of more charity. For people who want to know more about the car donation program at Goodwill Industries, it's a very simple idea. You get a tax break by donating your old car, while Goodwill takes the proceeds from its sale and helps stimulate the community in lots of different ways.

There are some very big and real problems in Washington right now, and the car donation program can only go so far. That is why new and improved fundraisers have been a focus. With Goodwill being able to help the environment some in the process, everyone wins. This was the hope of the leadership group when the fundraising efforts began, and it's what has carried them through some tough and tedious times. Being able to get out in the community and actually bring about some positive changes is what drives the car donation program, and it drives everything else that Goodwill Industries does, as well.

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