Goodwill Industries getting physical

Goodwill Industries getting physical

When Goodwill Industries starts putting together its annual list of fundraising events, one of the things that it tries to do is to provide something of value for the community at large. In Washington, one of the primary efforts right now is to get people out into the active world. Good health is a primary concern for both children and aging Americans, so Goodwill wanted to do something to push that agenda even more.

So what has Goodwill done to make the Washington area a little bit healthier and more active? For one, they have done more than just their vehicle donation program to raise money. That is still important to the overall working budget of Goodwill, but it is the other fundraisers that are adding something to the community.

This year, Goodwill Industries across the country will host charity events that involve running and biking. Among them will be a 5K race that promotes people getting into shape and also brings more money to the Goodwill coffers. This money will be added to what is raised with the vehicle donation program, so that Goodwill can go out into the community and do whatever needs to be done. With all of the jobless people in Washington today, that task is becoming even more significant.

Goodwill Industries has realized that just having a vehicle donation program is no way to go about raising money. They also have to have events that bring people in the community together for the betterment of everyone involved. From the charity auctions to the luncheons to things like active 5K races, Goodwill seems to be doing this. That effort, coupled with the already successful vehicle donation program, has provided people with more ways to make their voice heard and put their charitable dollars to work.

Goodwill encourages people to get involved in the community, not just with their money through the vehicle donation program, but also with their time and effort. Help is needed in many areas, and the sense of fulfillment that goes along with participating in one of these events is something that everyone can appreciate and gain from.

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