Goodwill Industries Going Trendy

Goodwill Industries Going Trendy

Though most people would not think of Goodwill Industries right off hand when they think of the trendiest business plans out there, they certainly deserve a mention in today’s business climate. The reason for that is because Goodwill is going trendy in an effort to relate to younger potential donors. Young people are some of the people most likely to make donations, so the new Goodwill plan is making it easier for young folks to get in the act.

If you are just out of college or still in school, it’s not likely that you are going to donate your car, but that does not mean that you have to stand on the sidelines. This is why Goodwill is changing their image a little bit, in an effort to attract you even if you can’t donate your car to the charity.

Today, some of the best work goes on at the Goodwill Industries thrift stores. These places are all over the place, and they represent another revenue stream for the charity. If you can’t donate your car to the charity effort, then you can at least spend a few dollars in the stores. This is what they are hoping for out of young people, and it is why they have filled the stores with lots of really nice, attractive stuff.

The stuff that you can buy in the Goodwill Industries stores is somewhat retro right now, though. Vintage is the word that they like to describe their selection, and young folks seem to really like it. From old t-shirts to old jeans, there are some great items that might remind you of the 1980s. Even if your current situation doesn’t allow you to donate your car to charity, the stores can be a place for you to get into the act in a big way.

Goodwill Industries wants just about everyone to be involved, and because of that, they are doing more advertising of their “other” programs. Among them, the retro and vintage gear that you can buy are very important to the overall effort.

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