Goodwill Industries: Helping People in Kansas

Goodwill Industries: Helping People in Kansas

The Helping Hand of Goodwill Industries, serving Eastern Kansas and Western Missouri, started out as two administrations, Goodwill Industries and the Helping Hand Institute. In 1978, they joined forces and haven't looked back since then. Their name was officially changed to The Helping Hand of Goodwill Industries in 1986.

Since that time, this Goodwill Industries chapter has continued to help a lot of people with different programs for the communities they serve. From job training to job placement, The Helping Hand of Goodwill Industries helps those who want to work hard to improve their lives. It is estimated that they help over a thousand families every year by helping them to find careers that suit their individual skills and requirements.

Just like Goodwill Industries centers across America, The Helping Hand of Goodwill Industries requires public donations in order to keep up the good work they're doing. From books, to toys, to clothes, to furniture, to cars. Goodwill Industries depends heavily on the contributions made by ordinary people like you.

Donating vehicles is more important now than ever. While some cars will be sold to people in need for a discounted rate. Other types of vehicle donation are needed too. Automobiles, trucks, motor homes and RVs, boats, airplanes, farm equipment, and construction equipment can all be donated to Goodwill Industries. They will sell the items and let you know within thirty days if you can write off the donation as a tax deduction.

The Helping Hand of Goodwill Industries are now looking for more vehicle donations and have begun a web campaign encouraging more people to donate their used cars. If you have a vehicle you want to donate to Goodwill Industries - anywhere in the country - Charity Dispatch can help.

Looking to make a big positive impact on your local community? Consider vehicle donation as a means. The process of donating your vehicle is made easy when you follow the instructions at

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