Goodwill Industries Helping Youth Summer Employment

Goodwill Industries Helping Youth Summer Employment

One of the primary focuses for Goodwill Industries during this tough economic time is helping people find jobs and helping people with the skills that they need in order to keep jobs. Though much of the effort has included helping adults who are out of work, that’s not all that Goodwill is looking to do. In fact, their youth employment effort is as strong now as ever.

When you think about Goodwill Industries, your first though is probably of the time you were asked to donate a car or perhaps when you made the choice to donate your car to charity. Goodwill Industries uses those donations to fund their programs, and for the most part the programs do a lot of good in helping the community achieve more. This is especially true in Washington, D.C., where the job market is especially barren.

During the summer, the charity is jumping on the opportunity to help young people get jobs and learn about the working world. How is Goodwill doing this? They are working hand and hand with job placement groups, and well as individual businesses in order to promote job growth.

The jobs are all different, and they are designed to suit the individual skill sets of the young people who are looking. This is a very important part of the job process, as young adults are learning what they like to do and what their skill set happens to be.

These programs only work when you and others take the time to donate a car or make another donation to Goodwill. Expensive programs don’t pay for themselves, and though it might seem like a huge commitment to donate a car, it actually does more good for the community than you could ever imagine. In Washington, it is incredibly necessary right now, with things looking a little more bleak each and every day.

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