Goodwill Industries in DC teams up with Dell to promote program

Goodwill Industries in DC teams up with Dell to promote program

Just about everyone knows about car donation, but charity work in DC has grown to include much more than that. In 2008, Goodwill Industries chapters all over Washington got together with the Dell computer company to form what they hoped would be a rewarding and helpful program. That program sought to give people another avenue for disposing their old computers, and it focused a great deal of its effort on educating people about positive environmental changes. This program hoped to add to the already expanding car donation program headed by Goodwill Industries and in turn get people used to donating their old products.

After a few months of successful implementation of the joint venture, it appears that people all over the DC area are taking full advantage of the opportunity. Car donation has long been a leading cause for each and every one of the Goodwill chapters across the United States, but the folks in DC are looking to do more for the community than just that. With this program, computers are being recycled if that is possible, and they’re being disposed of in proper form if they can’t be reused. This has helped to fix a large problem that was facing the community, with potentially harmful computers and potentially useful computers being thrown out in ways that just didn’t work.

While Dell has lent his support in many ways, the folks at Goodwill Industries have been primarily responsible for collecting and re-marketing the computers all over the DC area. With their car donation program, money has been raised for all sorts of different uses. This program is somewhat different from car donation, though, as it seeks to provide technology to people all over Washington. Those who might not have had access to technology and information before are now able to learn how to use a computer.

This is yet another example of the expanding role and influence of Goodwill Industries in helping the Washington metro community. Car donation was the starting point, and remains one of their top priorities, but new programs like this one have become commonplace, as well.

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