Goodwill Industries in Washington using multiple outlets for community development

Goodwill Industries in Washington using multiple outlets for community development

The Washington metro community is a better place because of the work of Goodwill Industries. But if you thought they just want you to donate auto parts, then you were sadly mistaken. Goodwill is doing a ton of work in the community, and they are reaching out with a bunch of different means and outlets.

While you might have encountered the fine people of Goodwill Industries with their trying to persuade you to donate auto parts or donate your car, what you should know is that the greater mission is to help out the community at large. That includes their thrift stores, which are very popular and are a big part of the effort. Vehicle donation is a huge deal and it takes up much of the time and effort for the organization, but they put time and effort into the other programs, as well.

With the thrift stores, more money is raised to help out the community. With every item that is donated, more funds can be used to enhance the Washington, D.C. area with after school programs, employment programs, and all sorts of other good stuff. But without the money, Goodwill Industries wouldn’t be able to do what they need to do.

Make no mistake about it, the people at Goodwill Industries are still wanting you to donate auto parts. That is their chief campaign because it brings in the most money. But they do much more than that. The effort in Washington is expanding, and they hope to expand it even more than they already are. The community needs help right now more than it ever has, with more people moving in and more going on. While it is important that you donate auto parts and donate your vehicle, it is also important that you look to help in other ways, too. This is what Goodwill is looking to get out about their organization, and it’s worth taking notice.

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