Goodwill Industries keeping up with the technology curve

Goodwill Industries keeping up with the technology curve

Who said that charities couldn't use technology just the same as any other business? You don't have to tell Goodwill Industries how to go about keeping up with the times, because they are certainly willing to do that on their own. You might know everything there is to know about vehicle donation, but do you know that Goodwill Industries is about so much more than that? It is true, and their fundraising initiatives are even heading to the internet now.

Goodwill Industries has to get really creative when doing their fundraising activities, because that is basically their entire operation. After all, it can get a little bit old telling people about the vehicle donation program over and over. Though that program could certainly be described as the bread and butter for Goodwill Industries, they are branching out a little bit more with each year that passes.

Now, they are doing all sorts of auctions, where people can get active and participate. This is a new thing in fundraising, and Goodwill has gotten their piece of the pie. There is a twist, though, as Goodwill Industries has taken it to the next level. They are now holding online auctions for all sorts of great items, which is helping them bring in more charitable donors from the internet ready generation.

Young people want to get involved in the charity effort, and it is much easier for them to do when it is convenient on the internet. That is what Goodwill Industries figured out a few years ago, and since then they have seen something of a change in methodology.

The online auction movement is allowing Goodwill Industries to hold more auctions for better items, too. This will only make their community programs better, with more money coming in to supplement what the vehicle donation program makes. After all, vehicle donation might be the bread and butter, but it can't logically pay for all of the bills. With Goodwill being more active in the employment help effort for people across the country, even more funding is needed to keep the efforts going.

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