Goodwill Industries Opens the Door to Employment for Many

Goodwill Industries Opens the Door to Employment for Many

One of the long standing efforts for Goodwill Industries has always been its auto donation program, which receives the bulk of its time and effort. When Goodwill first pops into many people’s heads, they immediately turn to the auto donation program and fail to realize the other things that the organization is doing to help people in the community.

These days, one of the primary focuses is breaking down the barriers to gainful employment that keep many people from finding good jobs. This is as important as ever right now, with the economy down in the dumps.

So how is Goodwill Industries going about doing this? Mainly in the same way that they attack their auto donation program. They are doing it with the hard work and dedication of lots of people. This is especially true in D.C., where the efforts to open up job windows have been turned up.

The program seeks to give people the training and the knowledge necessary to at least be competitive in the current job climate. Some folks can’t get jobs because of a disability, and Goodwill Industries is working hard with their long-term services program for these people. Improving the quality of life and showing these people that there are available opportunities is a huge part of the equation.

Goodwill is also working directly with businesses in some industries to encourage the hiring of people who might have a checkered background. Regardless of what problem might have been in the past for these individuals, the program seeks to give them a new start. This is an example of yet another hands on program to improve both the quality of life for individuals in Washington and the community at large. It’s a worthy supplement to the already successful auto donation program, which pushes on all over the country.

Though auto donation remains a primary focus for the organization, they want people to experience the positives of programs such as this one, as it adds much to the community.

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