Heavy Hitting Non-Profit Charities

Heavy Hitting Non-Profit Charities

The very heavy hitters in the non-profit sector have all had total expenses greater than five hundred million dollars in its most recent fiscal year. Combined, their total expenses are about ten billion. This enlightens donors on just how large many of America’s charities are and why it is so important for us to donate to these charities. The top 10 non-profit charities spend this money yearly in order to help those people in need without making a profit for themselves. Money donated to these organizations goes to keeping the business running and paying the employees as well as the monies that go out to help the public in need.

The American Red Cross tops the list, spending well over five billion dollars yearly to help people in need. The money that goes to the public is ninety-four percent of their intake. 3.3 percent goes to pay their administrative staff and another 2.5 percent is paid for fundraising. The mission of the American Red Cross is to help people mobilize to help their neighbors. This charity has been active for one hundred and twenty-six years and is still going strong. The American Red Cross helps victims of disasters through 750 locally supported chapters. They train more than 15 million people a year to respond to emergencies in their homes, communities and the world. They are also the largest supplier of blood products in the U.S.

Another heavy hitter on the list is AmeriCares. With total expenses over one billion dollars per fiscal year. This program spends 99.2 percent of its donations on program expenses while .2 percent goes to administrative expenses and .4 to fundraising. AmeriCares was founded in 1982 as a disaster relief and humanitarian organization. They provide immediate response to emergency medical needs and support long-term humanitarian assistance programs worldwide. AmeriCares helps deliver medicines, relief supplies and health care to the needy. Since its conception, AmeriCares has provided an astounding six billion dollars of aid to 137 different countries using airlift and ocean cargo ships to deliver health and welfare professionals around the globe.

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    I agree 100%! I am a cofounder of a nonprofit that is focused on minority organ donor awareness and sustainability is a huge factor. The organization was recently approved by YouTube as a nonprofit advertiser. The more exposure this organization receive the more lives we can save.


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