Help Provide Relief This Winter – The CARS Campaign

Help Provide Relief This Winter – The CARS Campaign

Many people provide assistance to The American Red Cross by donating money and giving blood . While these and other donations are invaluable sometimes we overlook other ways in which we can provide assistance. Something you may want to consider is car donation . The American Red Cross accepts any type of vehicle whether it is running or not and uses the money made from the resale of the car to help provide relief to families in need. One of the benefits of vehicle donation is that not only are you helping others in need but you also receive a tax deduction if your vehicle sells for more than $500.

We are all well aware of the terrible storms that have held many parts of the United States in an icy grip this winter. One of the worst affected areas has been Southern Missouri and Illinois with many people losing power to their homes. In that area more than 217 volunteers from the American Red Cross have been assisting with the relief effort providing over 43,000 meals and snacks to people affected by the storms. The St Louis Chapter of The American Red Cross has sent 16 volunteers to help with relief efforts .

The assistance provided by the St. Louis Chapter to the victims of this emergency would not be possible without donations from people like you. Recently The American Red Cross launched a Campaign to Aid Relief Services (CARS) . This campaign has been launched to highlight one of the great ways you can support The American Red Cross in the St. Louis Chapter as well as nationally. To donate a car, or other vehicle to the American Red Cross you can either phone the 24-hour hotline on (314) 516 CARS, or fill out an application form online. Vehicles are usually picked up within 24 hours of your donation. Although the CARS campaign is running now, The American Red Cross gratefully receives vehicle donations at any time.

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