How Goodwill Industries is Helping People in West Central Florida

How Goodwill Industries is Helping People in West Central Florida

Goodwill Industries of Florida, which began in central St. Petersburg, was brought to West Central Florida in October 1954. From humble beginnings helping people with disabilities get jobs, Goodwill Industries of Suncoast has grown beyond all expectations and now helps thousands of people in Florida each year. To fund their causes, Goodwill Suncoast runs fourteen stores, three outlet stores and 29 donation centers across West Central Florida.

Goodwill-Suncoast serves 10 counties in West Central Florida; Pinellas, Pasco, Hillsborough, Polk, Hernando, Marion, Citrus, Sumter, Levy and Highlands counties. Last year, they placed 29,829 people in jobs in the local community and also improved the lives of 77,039 people. As you would imagine, helping that many people requires a lot of money.

R. Lee Waits, President and CEO of Goodwill-Suncoast, is dedicated to helping people in the region. The charity recently earned over $27 million in revenue from their stores and salvage efforts. This money is used to aid people in many different ways - from job placements to providing transportation to work. To get the money, though, they need donations.

Without public donations, Goodwill Industries everywhere would be in serious trouble, less able to fund all of their projects and the community would suffer as a result. Without Goodwill Industries helping people to become self-sufficient and upstanding members of society, the world would be worse off.

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