How Much Do Wind Turbines Cost?

How Much Do Wind Turbines Cost?



Although they were first introduced about 100 years ago, electricity-generating wind turbines continue to get better in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. Perhaps more importantly, their prices have gone down steadily. Wind turbines come in a few basic categories, each of which is designed to meet a specific purpose and is likely to be more or less appropriate in relation to the potential buyer’s requirements.

Large-scale commercial wind turbines, which have been in use since around 1930, are one kind of turbine which has developed markedly in recent years. Improved blade design, more durable materials, and more efficient and reliable performance are a few of the areas in which they’ve gotten better. In order to handle high winds on a consistent basis and thus produce a large amount of power, these turbines are usually made from especially heavy materials.

Furthermore, it’s standard practice to have large-model wind turbines in areas like shorelines that receive consistent, strong winds. Reliability is key for these kinds of wind turbines, as their out-of-the-way locations mean that frequent repairs aren’t an option. Commercial turbines are the most costly of all modern wind turbines, usually starting in the $25,000 range, and often exceeding $100,000.

Wind turbines for use in a residential environment are basically scaled-down versions of those larger, commercial models. The main difficulty suffered by early wind turbines for residential use was that they weren’t able to easily adjust to shifting wind patterns, which are particularly common amid the buildings and other obstacles in a residential setting.

Weight was another concern for the first generation of residential-use wind turbines. They would usually require special support structures, and they could only really generate much power from very high winds. Most homeowners found these early models too expensive and inefficient to meet their needs.

Micro turbines, the most recent phase in the development of residential-use wind turbines, rectify the problems that plagued earlier iterations. Micro turbines are designed to work with lower wind speeds, which means that it’s often unnecessary to have them mounted on a tower. In some instances, it’s even possible to mount a micro turbine right on your roof. These compact units are turning constantly, and this makes up for the fact that they don’t have the maximum power generating capacity of some of the larger turbines. At a price range of about $600 to $5,000, these models are much more affordable than larger ones, but will still generate enough energy to provide huge savings on electrical bills in the long run

Wind turbines vary quite a bit in terms of their size and power, and the cost tends to vary accordingly as well. It’s possible to reduce the cost even further by building a wind turbine yourself. The free, never-ending electricity and corresponding savings that accompany a wind turbine make this a worthwhile project for anyone.

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