Link Building Mistakes That Will Cost You

Link Building Mistakes That Will Cost You

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Link building is an important element of any Internet marketing campaign. Your greatest chances of a high page 1 position will result from quality backlinks. If you’re not getting relevant backlinks, your site will suffer from a lack of quality search engine traffic. But the desire to get the best links, marketers often make costly mistakes with backlinks. These mistakes can be misleading because they seem unimportant, but the effects can be costly and waste time. Now, let’s move onto what these mistakes are and how to avoid them – you’ll be able to stay on the good side of the engines.

Perhaps the most common mistake many people make is to try and establish backlinks from sites that aren’t related to your own site’s topic or niche. When you’re looking out to build backlinks, make sure your focus is on getting them from relevant websites only. For example, if you have a site all about dating, finding backlinks from a gardening site is pointless. It won’t add any value. It can sometimes be a little harder to find quality websites in the same niche as your own, but it can be done. Unless you’re targeting a very tiny niche market, chances are that you already have a high number of sites that are relevant and which could be used in your link building campaign. Type in your own niche’s keywords into a search engine and you’ll be surprised how many other sites are out there with similar topics to your own. Try emailing the owners of these sites and ask them for a backlink from their site to yours. Some people don’t like to email site owners directly to ask for a backlink, but it can be a surprisingly effective way to get the links you need to your site. It can take a little time to contact a lot of site owners this way, but you’ll start to see results if you’re patient. Be patient about contacting only the relevant site owners and you’ll see far better results than aiming at irrelevant websites.

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The next mistake is buying good backlinks, but the anchor text is not appropriate to you. Pointless anchor text will not necessarily penalize you, but you won’t get as much effectiveness as possible, either. Be sure to only use relevant keywords in your link text. The search engines will penalize your site for having irrelevant anchor text in your backlinks. Some marketers may think the anchor text is less important than the backlink, that’s not correct. Your keywords in your anchor text will have an impact on your rankings, as well. The thing to do is research your keywords, decide what you want to rank for, and then use those keywords in your anchor text.

In closing, work on building links from relevant sites, try to avoid these common mistakes and you should see good results. You’ll soon find that your site is getting plenty of quality backlinks that suddenly improve your search engine rankings.

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