Logistics Consulting

RCBryan Logistics Consulting applies military precision to your supply chain needs

With direct experience in numerous types of Logistics Consulting Contracts we can provide your company with the competitive advantage that you need to succeed.

Logistics Consulting Services

Logistics Consulting
Here are a few types of Logistics Consulting Services that we specialize in:

– Supply Chain Management
– Work Flow Processing
– Shipping Processing Systems
– Cost Analysis Consulting
– Custom Application Design and Implementation
– Processing Equipment Design

Logistics Consulting Experience

Military Logistics – United States Marine Corps Active Duty Logistics Clerk: Working with Commissioned Staff to plan for field exercises and equipment inventory.  To include design and development of systems to manage change over to career issue of personal equipment for approximately 1000 enlisted personnel.

Processing Logistics – Designed and implemented systems and equipment to cut total workforce expenses by 65% and increased production by 40% for a large volume processor of used books.  These changes increased output to over 1.5 million pounds of processed books in 2010.

Transportation Logistics – Designed and created a managed databased that created instant online quotes for a vehicle transportation company that sources multiple pricing channels to allow for customers to find the most competitive rates for transporting their vehicles across the United States.

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