Marketing Firm

Marketing Firm offers a wide variety of service to fit the needs of your small business

Marketing Firm

When shopping for a marketing firm for your small business you need to focus on the firm experience in not only marketing and advertising but also in their experience running small businesses.  Many firm will wow you with their glamor but then disappoint you with their results.  There are very few marketing firms out there run by entrepreneurs who have started multiple companies that have gone on to $1,000,000 plus in sales year after year.  If you really think about it - Where can you get better marketing experience then from a form who's owner has personally started multiple million dollar companies?

Marketing Firm Services

Print & Direct Mail - An under utilized tool in today's marketing environment is tailored direct mail.  We are not talking about the mass mailings of 10 years ago.  Today we have access to unlimited information about your potential customer.  The key to a successful direct mail campaign is ultra targeted list procurement.  Analyzing what your customer is thinking helps us to place your product in-front of people who are ready to buy.

Online Optimization - Our Marketing Firm offers a wide variety of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services who use your site placement on the major search engines as a key element to driving sales.  From Full Service SEO with a Worldwide Reach to Local Optimization tailored down to a exact zip code.  A sites ranking not only drives traffic but also lends an element of trust to your buyer.

Online Paid Advertising - Through the use of PPC (Pay Per Click) via search and banner ads we can  quickly get your site in front of the best possible viewers.  Just as in direct mail a marketing firm is only as good as the customer it brings you.  Using tailored analytics we find where your customer likes to visit on the web and then we passively introduce your product to them.

In the end you'll find there is no marketing firm better suited to fit the needs of your small business.