My Companies: Home Equity Guard – Real Estate Professionals Survey

My Companies: Home Equity Guard – Real Estate Professionals Survey

Home Equity Guard's Real Estate Professionals Survey

In conjunction with my partner from Sydney we are about to launch Home Equity Guard, INC (dba).  This company will offer a unique private contract to home owners to help them defend against losses associated with the decline in home prices.

Over the last five years home prices in the US have been on a steady decline decimating the financial situation for millions of Americans.   When a homes value falls below the amount owed many homeowners find themselves asking the same question - "What should I do, Should I try to keep my home?"  This question can cause undo stress from a situation that is completely out of the homeowners control.  Unfortunately until recently there has been no way to protect against this happening.

This has also started to effect the buyers in the housing market.  Many are stuck trying to decide if they can risk investing in a home do to the possibility of future declines in property values.  This only compounds the problems felt by those trying to sell their homes.  This double edged sword has got the US Housing Market in a choke hold.  Home Equity Guard has come up with a solution to this problem and is looking for some skilled Real Estate Professionals to join our team.

Our polices protect a homeowners investment by selling them an assurance contract based on their markets current Home Pricing Index as published by Standard & Poor's Case- Shiller Home Price Index.  By using this index a buyer can get the assurance they need to make their investment in a new home.  As a Real Estate Professional this product can help you close more sales, secure better financing rates, or assure personal investments against pricing losses.  Not to mention the commission rates on this product are impressive!

If you are interested in learning more about this product please take our survey: Home Equity Guard- Real Estate Professionals Survey.  Please also subscribe to my blog below to get future updates as this company prepares to launch in the Fall of 2010.

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