Nearly a Century of Service to the Detroit Community

Nearly a Century of Service to the Detroit Community

While Detroit, Michigan is known to some as Motor City, home to the American automotive industry, there are other major players helping to place Detroit on the map. Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit was founded in 1921, only a few years after Goodwill Industries made it's initial debut in Boston. In Detroit, Goodwill Industries wasted no time in getting to work to help the community.

They actually officially started as a partnership between Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit and the League for the Handicapped. However, in 1970 the two charities decided to go their seperate ways, believing that they could better serve the people of Detroit as seperate organizations.

As mentioned, the city of Detroit is well known for its love affair with automobiles. Goodwill Industries is also known for their cars. Not in the same way, of course, but vehicle donations are an important way Goodwill Industries raises the money it needs to fund all the great programs they run in communities across Detroit and its surrounding areas.

Donating your car (especially if it was built in Detroit), can help in several different ways. Those who donate their cars are able to claim a tax deduction in reward. However, you should be aware that vehicle donation laws were changed only a few years ago, so this might not be as simple as it once was. It is worth making your donation through Charity Dispatch, an organization that offers to help to process your donation. Charity Dispatch makes it easy to donate your car to any Goodwill Industries donation center across the country.

Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit has been around for nearly ninety years, which is a long time. They wouldn't have been able to survive if it wasn't for donations from citizens all over the country. From clothes to couches to Chryslers, donating to Goodwill Industries will allow them to help people in your community for the next 90 years to come.

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