New fundraising events help push Goodwill Industries forward

New fundraising events help push Goodwill Industries forward

Everyone knows about the different programs that Goodwill Industries chapters in D.C. put on to help out in the community. Chief among these programs is the car donation program that has become so very popular. But with times being a little bit tough, Goodwill is looking for other ways to raise the money that they need. After all, car donation only goes so far, especially when people don’t have as much to give.

So what are the Goodwill Industries chapters around Washington doing in order to gain more resources? They are holding a series of fundraising events, all geared towards making more money to put towards the usual good deeds.

Among these fundraising events are special luncheons, where silent auctions take place. These events are an excellent opportunity to businesses to get their message out and for Goodwill to provide a place for people to come together. They also produce some funds that Goodwill can put towards all of the community efforts that help the D.C. area.

All of this is necessary because car donation has not been doing quite as well as it has in the past. This is somewhat expected with the economy hurting, so Goodwill was prepared to go with other charity events. While some things have been planned already, there are plenty more to come. The folks at Goodwill in D.C. are excited about what all they have coming up, and they are looking forward to continued support from the greater Washington community.

Car donation remains the bread and butter for Goodwill Industries, as it is the top revenue producer and gives the organization its primary financial source. Still, those in charge have seen the light and they have seen the value in trying to produce revenue in other ways. These luncheons, golf tournaments, and all of the other upcoming fundraising events should draw great local support and help supplement the car donation effort.

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