President Obama helps support D.C. area Goodwill Industries

President Obama helps support D.C. area Goodwill Industries

The D.C. area Goodwill Industries chapters are getting a much needed boost this year. After newly elected President Obama came to power in Washington, things have changed for the better. That goes for a lot of things, including Goodwill Industries and their car donation efforts.

With car donation, it is all about getting the most money to do good works in the community. Many people don’t understand what their money is going to, but they do know that it is very important. Part of the new effort has been letting people know where in the D.C. area their money is going. When people see the impact that their car donation has on the metro area, they are much more likely to give. This is what Goodwill Industries is banking on.

But Obama has helped by lending his support individually to the D.C. area chapters. He has not only shown up at events and given his voice to the organization, but he’s also a champion for service in general. Everyone knows about the car donation program, but Goodwill is looking for more than that. President Obama shares this vision, as he’s been encouraging people both old and young to volunteer their time along with their money.

As more and more people come to help Goodwill Industries in their effort, things get easier and easier. Car donation goes a long way, because the organization gets money whenever a car is donated. But they also need people to execute their programs. Human capital is a little bit more difficult to come by in this day and age, but people now have more time than ever to volunteer.

President Obama continues to work hard on laws that make it easier for organizations like Goodwill Industries to operate. The car donation program is made easier because of the tax relief effort that goes along with the program. The emphasis now must be on improving all of the other aspects of Goodwill’s community effort.

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