Prospecting, begin with the end in mind

Prospecting, begin with the end in mind

  Crystallize your thought

Begin with the end in mind for better clarity in retrieve ing your goals.  This is an exercise that will force you to focus on exactly what you must do to  get what you want. 

For loan agents this might be listing first your highest goal, i.e. "closing a loan" and then listing (in reverse order) what is necessary in the process of a successful closing.  i.e. "9. Close the loan", "8. Get the documents signed" etc.  The last item in your list (the first topic you would actually do) would be something like "1. find ways to get prospective customers".

As you struggle to shuffle your list in reverse order, don't get frustrated or think that it has to be perfect or have every little detail, this is only the first half of the exercise.  Going in reverse order (beginning with the end in mind) is the key to the exercise and will unlock your creative power and allow you to stay focused on each step.  When you get your list completed, now re-script the list in forward order.  i.e."1. Find ways to get prospects" "2. Make list of past clients" "3. Develop cheat sheet  to ask for referrals" etc.  Now as you write your list in forward order you can tweak, add or delete items that need editing.  When finished, you will have a focused road map to achieving your goals.  When finished, you will want to do the same for other ways to find prospects and other goals you have.

This article is a perfect example of "beginning with the end in mind".  I am President of an Orange County Appraisal company and used this exercise to brainstorm how to obtain more appraisal orders by serving potential clients.  Since loan agents were* (see below)  the majority of our clients, I started with them in mind (or…I started with the end result in mind) "make new loan agent clients" Below is an example in forward order:" 

  • chas writes articles that help loan agents get more loan prospects
  • chas publishes to articles that appeal to loan agents
  • loan agent is drawn by the article topic
  • loan agent reads article
  • loan agent clicks on Leeper Appraisal Services web link
  • loan agent is impressed by "" website to order appraisal, get quote, get free comp check or read other articles etc. "
  • loan agent makes appraisal order
  • loan agent is now a client of Leeper Appraisal Services

 and they lived happily ever after…

* Well, they don't really live happily ever after, things really have changed since I first wrote this article.  While this exercises is great for all of us, the Home Valuation Code of Conduct has radically altered the way Leeper Appraisal Services gets its business.  No longer can agents order appraisals from appraisal companies.  Many begrudgingly useappraisal management companies which is acceptable under Home Valuation Code of Conduct.  Leeper Appraisal Services has now registered with California to do Appraisal Management.  You can now go to to find appraisers.

C.W. Leeper ,real estate broker for over 35 years; a certified and designated real estate appraiser; an author, outdoors man and grandparent.  He is currently the CEO of Leeper Appraisal Services.  To find out more about Chas W. Leeper, or call 949-574-5534. 

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