SEO w/ National Positions

SEO w/ National Positions

I've decided to chronicle my experiences with National Positions as they do a SEO Campaign for my site I've used a lot of smaller firms to do work on my site over the past few years with limited success. I figured I might as well give one of the big guys a shot. This can only help me in my quest to raise more money for my charity clients and to also show that my company is capable of taking on the big clients.

This is just an introductory post. I just signed up with them today and started working on my keyword list. I'll keep you all updated as we go further!

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  1. Randy

    i consult for a company that is having problems with them right now. please contact me.

    • admin

      Hello, I’m having mixed results with them. Their SEO team seems to be decent but I’m now on my third PPC manager in less then 45 days. My costs have actually gone up per conversion since starting with them. I’m working with a guy named David Yeager now and he seems to be on point. The previous guy Elmer was a disaster. I’d be interested to talk. You can email me rogercbryan gmail.

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