The Business of Beer (eBook)

This eBook is going to outline how to start a home brewing business.  The eBook will start with a review of my trips to the following breweries:

  • Miller Brewery – Milwaukee, WI
  • Heineken Brewery (original) – Amsterdam, NL
  • Samuel Adams Brewery – Boston, MA

Chapter Outline

  • Chapter 1 – The Business of Beer: An overview of the American Beer Business
  • Chapter 2- The MillerCoors Brewing Company: Company Bio & Pictures from Tour
  • Chapter 3- Heineken Beer: Company Bio & Pictures from Tour of Original facility
  • Chapter 4- Samuel Adams Beer Company: Company Bio & Pictures from Tour
  • Chapter 5- Starting a Home Brewery: Writing the Business Plan
  • Chapter 6- Starting a Home Brewery: Buying and Setting up Your Equipment
  • Chapter 7- Starting a Home Brewery: Brewing Your First Batch
  • Chapter 8- Starting a Home Brewery: Taking the Next Step

This eBook will take a while to complete but I encourage you to follow along and let me know what you think as each chapter is published.  I’ve chosen three of my favorite beer brands to help me along this adventure.  So I encourage you to grab a Miller Light, Amstel Light, or Samuel Adams Oktoberfest and ride along with me as we start a Beer Brewery from Home!