The Project: Building a Drop Shipping Business

In this eBook you can follow me as I start a drop shipping business completely from scratch.  This business did not exist yesterday in fact I had not done any research on this topic before starting this eBook.

As a consultant I’ve been asked numerous times about the drop shipping business.  I’ve always replied with the same response: Drop Shipping is when you sell someone else’s product and they then ship the product to your buyer.  This supposedly made some people a lot of money back in the day but now the niche has been inundated with scrupulous types trying to take money from unsuspecting web entrepreneurs.   This is fact happened to my father and step mom who spent $7000.00 on programs and training courses all of which turned out to be a huge scam.  I’m here to pull back the veil of mystery on this industry and to show each and ever person the correct steps to establishing a profitable drop shipping business.

Each section will be a new chapter in my eBook and they will be posted below: