Business Plan Review

Over the past five years I have reviewed well over 200 business plans for individuals in a wide variety of markets. For some reason people are intimidated by writing a business plan. The packages I’ve listed below have been created to help the entrepreneur to have piece of mind that their plan is solid and that they can feel confident in their endeavor. If you are interested in any of the below packages feel free to make a post to this section or to email me. I’d be happy to discuss your needs with you.

Basic Package

With this package your business plan will be reviewed using the Small Business Associations guidelines for writing a business plan. I will review the basic structure of the plan and give you a written report about sections of the plan that need work. I will also give you a chance to refine the plan after my feedback and then submit the plan one more time for a final review. 

Expert Package

This package takes everything one step further. I would recommend this package to anyone investing more then $10,000 in the launch of their company. With this package you will get the same review as the Basic Package above and you will also receive a report of the 100 most important elements of a business plan and how those elements are reflected in your plan. This will include more emphasis on marketing and your overall business strategy. With this review you will also get one on one phone time to discuss your plan directly with me.

Seeking Investment Funding Package

This is my most advanced package. If you are going to be seeking investors or partners this package is your best fit. This package includes all of the above services as well as detailed financial modeling. The biggest problem people face when seeking investors is that they don’t prepare a proper financial statement for their plan. This can instantly destroy any opportunity you might have when speaking to an investor. I will help you to accurately calculate your expenses, potential income, and develop the needed financial statements. With this package I will also send your completed plan out to five different potential investors. There is no guarantee that they will bite but the feedback you will get from these individuals makes this package worth every penny.