Web Marketing Consulting

Developing a keyword strategy for your online marketing should take place before you even lunch a site.  If you are starting a new site or are thinking about redeveloping your current site then you need to properly research your keywords.  Each keyword you select has to be analyzed four different ways.

Monthly Searches - How often is the selected keyword searched?  Does it have enough search volume to warrant making your list?

Cost Per Click for first position - Even if you never spend a penny on PPC 'Pay Per Click' Advertising you still need to know the cost associated with doing so.  This will help you to set your budget for optimizing your keywords for positioning.

Commercial Intent - Is there any real sales value to the keywords you have selected?  Measuring a keywords commercial intent tells you what the search motivation is when someone searches for your keyword.  Are they simply doing research or are they looking to buy?

Competition Level - The goal of every selected keyword is to optimize for the first position on Google.  Is this going to be possible?  If you don't measure your keywords competition level then you may be choosing keywords that you will not be able to build value from over the long term.