Solar Power Panels

Solar Power Panels

The most important part of any solar power system is the solar panel, the part that’s actually responsible for converting sunlight to electricity . Solar panels are an incredible invention that give average homeowners the chance to produce their own energy , slashing their electricity bills and decreasing their carbon footprint .

Solar cells themselves are built from smaller solar cells, which are housed within a weatherproof case . When they are struck by sunlight, the solar cells produce a small electrical current . The electrical current generated by one solar cell isn’t enough to power much of anything , but when a large enough number of them are combined , the output can be great . Even if one cell malfunctions , the others will keep working and the panel overall remains effective .

In terms of production and reliability , the latest solar cells are light years beyond earlier models . Modern solar cells require less sunlight to generate equal or even greater quantities of energy . Electricity is produced only when sunlight exposure surpasses a certain threshold, which differs depending on the cell . Modern cells need less sunlight to produce power than earlier models did .

It’s now possible to produce enough power for everyday purposes with fewer solar panels than was previously possible . It’s therefore possible to generate an equal or greater amount of power while dedicating less roof space and less in the way of startup costs to a solar power generation project . All this explains why more and more homeowners are taking advantage of what solar power can provide .

Built-in micro-inverters have been added to recent solar panel designs . In the past, most solar power systems would rely on one large inverter, normally placed near the home’s electrical panel . The Direct Current (DC) electricity produced by the solar panels would be transferred to the inverter, where it would then be converted to the Alternating Current (AC) electricity used in the home .

The power produced would be largely lost as it travelled along the long wires from the panels to the inverter . The micro-inverters solve this problem .

The introduction of micro-inverters makes modern solar panels into their own power plants, in a sense . They eliminate the necessity of a large inverter and make the process of wiring much easier than had been previously . Thanks to this, it’s now possible to build up a solar power system over time , adding panels as necessary , instead of doing it as one big procedure . To learn more about micro inverters, check out  Solar Micro Inverter.

No matter how you choose to set up a solar power system, it’s worth considering these modern solar power panels . These panels offer long-lasting power at no cost and have many advantages over non-renewable sources of energy . For instructions on how to build your own solar panel, visit  Build Your Own Solar Panel.

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