Summer brings new events for Goodwill Industries

Summer brings new events for Goodwill Industries

When the weather warms up, Goodwill Industries does even more to help the Washington, D.C. community. Summer might be deadly hot in the metro area, but that doesn’t mean that those in charge get to stop and head to the pool. In fact, Goodwill does many of its biggest and best events in June, July, and August.

The theme this summer, according to those in charge, is to get people out and helping any way possible. Sure, they might ask you to donate a car or something of the like, but really it is about making the most of your resources.

Goodwill is going to be hosting more and more donation drops this summer, where you can go drop off anything that is valuable that you don’t need anymore. These things, like clothes, electronics, and furniture, will be sold in the Goodwill thrift stores and also given to community members to help out in times of need. Though most people can’t donate a car and they can’t help out with huge amounts of money, any little thing will help.

This summer will also bring about a more dedicated effort in the vehicle donation program. For those people who might be looking to donate a car, the advertisements will be running on how to make that happen, and it is important that you take the chance to make a donation if you are able. Money and resources are needed in order to earn resources for the many new programs that are going to be coming out in the new year, in addition to the things that are already taking place.

Goodwill Industries knows all about the challenges that it is facing, as well as some of the limitations that go along with living in this day and age. Still, they are going to be going forward with all of the community efforts that have been helping D.C. in the last couple of years, especially the unemployment services.

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