The Project Drop Shipping Chapter 8 – Marketing Plan 4P’s

The Project Drop Shipping Chapter 8 – Marketing Plan 4P’s

It has now come time to finalize our Marketing Plan.  To do this we will use the Marketing 4 P’s which have been used for years to create a basic template for your marketing plan.  This outline lays out the fundamentals for your Product, Price, Placement, and Promotion.This is important as it will show you elements of your plan that you need to work on.  It also lays out a check list of things you need to have ready before you start selling.

marketingWe are not in month three of this project after some major holdups (that could have been avoided).  We are moving into our launch phase which means its time to get our product ready.  So even though we are drop shipping we decided to order one of everything we plan on selling in order to touch and feel our product.  Having real first hand knowledge of your product goes a long ways in helping you sell it.

Take a look at what we came up with for our 4 P’s Marketing Plan

Product Decisions
Product Offering

  • We have cut down our initial product offering to focus on items with the highest possible margins
  • We have bundled our best selling products into 3 packs to maximize return per sale



  • Will use packaging to build brand awareness
  • We still need to develop proper packaging to ensure safe delivery

Warranty Repairs and Support

  • Do to the nature of our product returns will not be allowed
  • To offer top customer service problems will be handled on a case by case basis for refunds

Pricing Strategy

  • We will use penetration as our pricing strategy
  • We will benchmark sellers on to find the lowest price needed to penetrate market
  • We have examined our product offering to find profitable products to sell
  • We will sell at a retail price from our site while discounting on Amazon and eBay
  • We will create a wholesale distribution channel for volume buyers

Distribution Channels

  • Wholesale to Stores

Inventory Management & Warehousing & Order Processing

  • We will use Indaba Sales Software
  • We will start using our current warehouse space
  • We will use current shipping department system with IBS


  • Using & we will create brand awareness by offering discounted rates in relation to our competition
  • While using & to developer cash flow for the business we will also start SEO for to achieve organic placements for future sales

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