Twitter – How to Kill a Twitter Hawker (Managing Your Twitter Account)

Twitter – How to Kill a Twitter Hawker (Managing Your Twitter Account)

Do you know what a Twitter Hawker is?  Do you know how they can hurt you?  Do you know how to kill a Twitter Hawker?  If you answered NO to any of these questions please read on.

  • What is a Twitter Hawker? A Twitter Hawker is someone who takes the time to systematically follow other users and then deletes their follow.   They will typically go out and follow 20-50 people a week and then at the end of the week anyone who returned the favor will get un-followed.
  • How can a Twitter Hawker hurt you? One of the most important variables to your Twitter Rank is the ratio of followers to the number of people that you are following.  There are even limiters to this ratio in which Twitter will stop you from following more people so that your ratio will get out of hand.  A good Twitter page is one that has a lot of followers yet they do not follow a lot of people in return.  This shows value because if people are willing to follow someone without a return follow this means they must really want to know what they person is saying.
  • How do you kill a Twitter Hawker? It is a simple but time consuming process (I think Twitter does this on purpose).   Take a look at the image below to see a step by step process for killing a Twitter Hawker.

To Kill a Twitter Hawker first you have to find them.  You can do this by going to your Twitter Page and clicking on 'following'.  This will show you everyone that you are following.  From here you will have to look at each individual person.  Twitter makes it easy for your to see who you are following but not so easy to see who is following you.  In order to figure that our you'll need to click on the gear box symbol to get the needed drop down menu.  In that menu you should see the ability to message your follower.  If you do then you are all set you have a Reciprocal Twitter Relationship (first example).  If you do not see that ability (second example) then you have a Twitter Hawker!  KILL THEM (metaphorically speaking of course).  To kill them you simply want to unfollow them.

If you are going to spend time building up a Twitter Following make sure to protect its value by hunting for Twitter Followers at least once a week.  It only takes a few minutes and if you are diligent with your record keeping you'll easily be able to tell when a Twitter Hawker is using you to nest.

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