[VIDEO] Exclusive Interview with Joy Gendusa Founder of www.PostCardMania.com

Exclusive interview with Joy Gendusa from Post Card Mania

I recently had a chance to sit down with Joy Gendusa to talk about her life as an Entrpreneur.  Her story of how she took the steps to start her company Post Card Mania and how she grew it into a $18M a year Industry Leading Company.

I've done business with Joy Gendusa and http://www.postcardmania.com for going on 10 years now.  They are by far the best at direct mail marketing.  This video can motivate anyone who is sitting on the fence thinking about taking the plungepost card mania to start their own business Post Card Mania.

Post Card Mania Founder Video

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  1. ali k

    Thanks for sharing! Her story is inspiring.

  2. Great Story. Good advice at the end of the video.

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