What does it take to make money online (Video)

What does it take to make money online (Video)

A user from www.youngentrepreneur.com asks Roger from www.RCBryan.com what steps should be taken to start making money online.

Text from Video:

Question: What are the essential goods I need to make money on the internet?  I’m pondering starting a business on the net and I want to know what I actually need to do before I get to work.

Roger: This is a very good question.  There is a lot of money to be made on the internet but there is also a lot of money to be spent on the internet.  I speak from experience with a lot of the mistakes that I’ve made over the last five years.

The first think you need to determine is what type of business are you going to start?  There are three main types of online businesses.

Product Sites where income is generated based on the sales that you make.

Affiliate Sites where income is generated based on the sales you make as well as the network of sellers and buyers that you create.

Content Sites where income is generated based on advertising income from traffic.

You can mix and mingle the types of sites.  So you could have a product site that uses content to drive traffic and has advertising for certain aspects.  You can also have affiliate products plugged into a product or content site.
Choosing the type of site you want to develop is important because there are different strategies needed for each.

Things you need do:

  • 1-     Write a Plan
  • 2-     Create a Site – doesn’t have to be perfect to begin with.  I’ve seen a lot of people spend a lot of money on the sites before they’ve even started making sales.  Start with something simple so you can get noticed by the search engines and you can get used to updating your content.  My development team can help you with this.  If you would like to get a quote about our service please visit our Custom WordPress Blog Page.
  • 3-     Develop your keyword strategy to show the products or services  you are going to offer If you need assitance with this part of you project you can check out my Keyword Strategy Development Page.
  • 4-     Start your onsite SEO
  • 5-     Start your offsite SEO – Link Building through article writing and content development.  My firm offers a wide variety of SEO services to include Article SEO Packages that can help you build massive amounts of links.
  • 6-     Learn and adjust.  As you start to get traffic learn from it.  What is your traffic telling you about your site design and structure?
  • 7-     Do advertising.  A little PPC never hurt anyone.  This helps you break out of the mud and get your site moving in the rankings.  Budget this appropriately so you can keep track of your conversion costs and the relation of that cost to you break even point.
  • 8-     Capitalize on your site.  This means you repeat the above processes over and over again as you grow and develop your site.

You want to ‘start small yet dream big’ is my approach to developing a web based business.

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  2. Roger Bryan

    @badal, Can you let me know who you are and what I can do for you first?

  3. Enrique Mantica

    I would like your opinion of my website http://www.e-vertisings.com, after watching this video i was thinking did i do all you said..? plz help.!!!

    Another thing plz tell me if i used the domain name for the wrong content.?

    • Roger Bryan

      @Enrique Mantica, I took a look at your site and made a comment on a well written post 3 Tips To Make Money With Paid Market Research. I really like the layout of your site. You’ve basically implemented each of my marketing rules perfectly. Now the question is are you getting the traffic that you want (are you making money on this site)?

  4. i can job data entry

    • Roger Bryan

      @waleed, What type of data entry? Content development is in high demand these days so are translation services.

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  6. Farooq


    Could you please tell me how to start making money online as well.

    • Roger Bryan

      @Farooq, What type of site do you want to start?

      • Farooq

        @Roger Bryan,

        I like to start business or education site first.

        Looking forward to hearing at your earliest.

        Thanks and regards,

        • Roger Bryan

          Let me know what I can do to help!

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