Who qualifies for the Goodwill Industries programs?

Who qualifies for the Goodwill Industries programs?

When Goodwill Industries of Washington, D.C. sets out its mission statement and outlines its goal each and every year, there are a few items on the docket that are emphasized a little bit more than others. In the past couple of years, Goodwill has been doing a lot more with its different programs around the area, trying its hardest to help as many people as possible. But who are these people? And what are they like?

Washington is an incredibly diverse and transient location, and as such, it has lots of needs for community improvement. There are old folks, young folks, and working professionals. There are people in need of healthcare and people in need of some type of employment. Above all, it is a community where there is a great need for involvement.

This is why you might have seen someone out there trying to get you to donate used car parts or even an entire vehicle. The programs don't run themselves, and they require a great deal of funding in order to meet their goals. When people choose to donate used car items, they are helping all sorts of people in the Washington community.

Right now, the picture of who these people are is a very diverse one. Some of them are older individuals who find themselves out of work for the first time in a long time. For these people, the programs not only provide something to do, but also a little bit of re-training on interviewing skills and resume design. Those kind people who donate used car items can see the immediate impact that their donation is having on this segment of the greater Washington population.

In addition to that, there are the people who might need to learn English as a second language who are also helped when folks donate used car items. These people have a real interest in becoming more involved in the local community and immersing themselves in American culture, so Goodwill Industries is providing them with that opportunity. It wouldn't happen without the help of people who donate used cars, though.

Washington needs more and more people who want to not only help themselves, but help out others. Who are the people who qualify for these programs? They come from all over, and they look just like you and me. In this economic time, they are mostly folks who have run out of luck, and need an opportunity to jump start their lives once again.

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