Wind Power Generators

Wind Power Generators


With the rising costs of electricity derived from non-renewable sources like oil and natural gas, people are taking an interest in alternative energy sources. One of the best ways to reduce your reliance on fossil fuels is to manufacture your own energy with a wind turbine. Thanks to technological advancements, today’s wind turbines are more efficient and effective than ever, and this is why they’re becoming a more popular solution to the energy problems of everyday homeowners.

No matter what the potential user’s needs, he or she is sure to find an appropriate model of wind turbine. Since they were originally introduced, wind power generators have become exponentially more versatile and effective. Early wind turbine blades were so huge that they occupied too much space to be considered practical for most homeowners. Although they were somewhat smaller than commercial-use wind turbines from the same era, these turbines still weren’t particularly appropriate for use in residential areas, for a variety of reasons. They could be extremely expensive to set up, particularly because they usually had to be mounted on towers in order to be exposed to winds strong enough to rotate their heavy blades. Owners also had to be certain that the turbines were aligned properly. Tail rudders were sometimes added to the designs to assist with the orientation process. The tail rudders also required strong winds, though,in order to be rotated into position. Residential areas don’t often provide the kind of strong, constant winds were a must for the operation of early turbines.

The modern era of wind turbine design that has emerged in the past ten years has brought with it more compact, more versatile designs that are effective even within the typical residential area. Their lighter weight means that they rotate into position more quickly, as well. Vertical axis turbines have also been introduced, and their ability to catch the wind no matter which way it’s blowing is a useful feature for users in residential locations. Perhaps most importantly, modern wind turbine designs offer a fantastic power-to-cost ratio. Do you want to know the price range of the different types of wind turbines? Go to wind turbines cost  for futher info.

These new wind turbines are perfect for use in residential installations, as they are effective even when mounted on small towers, or even on the roofs of homes. Advanced turbines have the additional benefit of rendering unnecessary the expense of setting up a tall tower. These turbines continue to spin even in light wind, providing a constant stream of energy. This is ideal for residential users as well, as they would generally prefer to have enough power all the time rather than a lot of power some of the time. These new turbines no longer experience the noise issues that were once common with such units, as well. The bottom line is that modern wind turbines provide power reliably and affordably.

Do you want to build your own wind generator? It is quite possible to build your own wind generator if you have a good set of wind generator plans. For the best guides I have found for building your own wind generators with step by step videos, go to Wind Generator Plans.

For another guide to building a diy wind generator, visit How to Make a Wind Generator.

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