Two items of full disclosure to start: First, I've been in marketing for over 20 years and have owned an agency since the late 90's. I am THE target audience for this book. Second, we have beta tested Roger's Enfusen platform (which is awesome) and are already big proponents of data-driven marketing. So, there was no need to convince me how important it is. That said -- WOW! This book hits the perfect sweet spot that makes it the ideal tool for agency owners to get everyone in the organization on the same page while also prompting deeper thinking for the most savvy marketers."

ANDREW S. BEEDLE, http://abeedle.com

Roger Bryan is a wealth of knowledge in the digital marketing space. I've attended several seminars in which Roger shared effective marketing strategies, tools, and processes. When he speaks, I listen! Thanks for continuing to be a VERY above average human being!

BRIAN HONG, http://infintechdesigns.com

Great book for businesses that don't know how to leverage their customer data to grow their business. We use data for our advertising, but picked up a few really good tips from the book that we can implement on other aspects of our business.

GARY NEALON, http://garynealon.com

Data is critical in understanding the effectiveness of any advertising. Internet advertising is uniquely well suited for tracking and analytics, but most companies ignore this. They blindly spend money on advertising, never knowing what works, or how to spend it "better" to yield greater results for less. Roger's book covers this in a way that can help anyone understand what they really need to know. The 12-Step Quick Start Checklist poses 12 critical questions that anyone should think about before launching a campaign. Highly recommended!

Chris Ulrich, http://directresponsegroup.com