Income Dynamic: The Formula

Income Dynamic: The Formula

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What if I told you that success is scientific? It wasn’t something to do with luck, and nothing to do with hard work. Timing is not really important. If you had the exact formula for success, what would you be able to do with that? My name is Roger Bryan, and I want to show you today the reasons why your business is succeeding, and more importantly, the reasons why your business is failing.

So the very first thing I want to look at is – what are your annual sales? Are they around $100,000 or less? Are they around $250,000 or less? Or are you doing a $1,000,000 a year in sales or more? Because, scientifically, there’s an exact reason each of these income streams exists, and you’ll be amazed to see what these elements are. So let’s go over these real quick. So if you’re making $100,000 or less in gross sales per year, it is because you don’t have a perfect product. You haven’t split tested, you haven’t done your market demographics, you don’t know what people want to buy, you’re trying to create something that you think that they want without really going out and asking them. You’re not putting forward any sales effort, no real cohesive effort’s being done from lead generation, from going out and making new deals, it is kind of haphazard, you’re probably relying on referrals, and you know account in place. If you don’t know your numbers, and that’s not just about money, this is about the statistics of your marketing, the statistics of your client’s marketing, everything that you’re trying to do to get your business to grow in order to help their business grow. If you you’re an entrepreneur and say you, say, own a cleaning company, or even if you’re a dentist or chiropractor, do you know your numbers from an operational perspective? Probably. Do you know it from marketing and sales perspective? Probably not.

Now, if you’re making $100,000 a year you have a job, there’s no way around it. I don’t care if you’re sitting all your work in front of a computer in boxers, or hell, if you’re sitting at your work naked, if you’re making less than $100,000 a year, you have a job, you can argue with me until you get red in the face, I’m going to win. What comes after a job? I say – a hobby comes in. If you’re making about $250,000 and this is not sales, you have a hobby. I’m proud of you, I’m happy for you. It still doesn’t mean anything, but you know how to hobby. So it means you have a decent product, you have found a way to develop something that you can sell over and over again. Back here you’re trying to sell each person individually what they want instead of creating a part that you can sell en masse.

Now, maybe you’re doing some networking, you’re going to a meet up, (2:23), you’re going to events, place to meet new customers, but you haven’t really put together a real sales and marketing campaign. Now, you’re starting to put together some numbers. Maybe you have a spreadsheet or Google Doc or book that you fill out every time you have expenses, and you’re starting to keep track a little bit of success of your campaigns, but you still have no sales effort. You’re not really going out there to push this product into the right people that want it, and you probably don’t have a team, or if you do you have the wrong team or the wrong people. So how do we move scientifically from having a job, into a hobby, into having a business?

Well, we start to develop these certain assets. We make sure that we’ve perfected our product. A perfected product is something that you can sell to 50 people today without having to do any additional work. We’re going to turn your protective pitch, that means anytime anyone asks you what your product is, what it does, who you are, what you do, it is just your second nature for you to tell them, and you can tell them with such passion and enthusiasm that they want to know more, they want to learn more, they want to hear from you, they want to talk to you. You have a team. Now, notice that I put this big. You have the A team, you have the right players, in the right positions, doing the right things. The right things are systems and procedures. That means that nothing is haphazard. Everything is strategic. When you get a new customer in, you know every single thing that’s going to happen every single day that they’re going to be your client, before they sign up for you.

You have a sales department in a funnel. Now, the sales department can be one individual, it can be an outsource individual, it can be yourself, but you know what it does, you know what it’s doing here. You know where your leads are coming from, you know what your script is to sell them, you know what your product offering is, your pricing, your capabilities, your deliverables, and you know a ton of people, you know how to bring them in to the top of the funnel. You know how to get them in on the content. You know how to convert them into a lead in order to nurture them through blog posting, press releases and other types of social communication with them, and you know how to get them into the bottom of your funnel and convert them into paying customers.

You’re doing your own marketing. Now, say again, like you own your cleaning company or chiropractic. That doesn’t mean you’re hiring a third party agency to do your marketing, but you’re doing it. You’re putting money out there, you’re putting 15% of your gross sales back into marketing in order to help that business grow, and you have a (CEIPO) or proper accounting. Now, having a million dollar range, maybe you have a bookkeeper that does your books once a month, maybe you have an in-house office manager that does your accountancy payable, payroll and all that kind of stuff, but you have proper accounting in. If you were to sit down in front of your computer today, you could print off a balance sheet, a profit and loss, a cash flow statement. You could tell me your earnings by client. You would have all of these elements put together, and that’s what a million dollar business is.

So, if you’re trying to progress your way from making $100,000 a year and grow sales, $250,000 and grow sales and $1,000,000 a year and grow sales, this is a scientific way to do it. Now, you have to ask yourself: “What is the reason to do this?” Well, if you have a gross sales of $100,000 as your job, if at the end of the year you survived, you got roof over head, you’re eating food, you live in America, that’s not enough. At $250,000 in gross sales, you should start to see the $50-70,000 a year net income. That means that you live in a house that you want to live in, you’re driving a car that you want to drive, you’re going on a vacation once a year, you’re actually enjoying life a little bit, you can get a little bit out of it than anybody else. The big change becomes when you get over here.

Remember, this is scientific, all you have to do is do these things and this happens. You don’t have to be lucky, you don’t have to be smart, you just have to be willing to apply these and earn the money that you work. So what happens over here?

Well, now over here you’re taking home, you netting $250,000 a year, you’re taking any vacation you want, whenever you want. This business is paying for part of your house, your office that you have used, even if you don’t use it that often. It is leasing your Cadillac, your Mercedes, your BMW, your Lexus, whatever the hell you want to drive, it is letting you live in the house that you want to live, it is letting you control your life, it is paying for your health insurance, it is paying for your retirement accounts, it is putting money away for your kids’ college tuition, so this isn’t just a number up here, this is a lifestyle, this is a reason for existing. We live in the greatest country in the world, and if you’re living in Europe or living in Australia, you’ve got the same opportunities there.

We are living in the greatest time in the history of the world, and the barrier to entry to having success in business can be 0 in many cases, if you have the scientific formula to make it happen. I want to help you develop this, and it really just starts by us talking once. You’ll notice there’s nothing for sale on this page. I want to talk to you, I want to know about your business, I want to help you figure out where you are, I want to help you out what you need to do, and I want to set a plan of attack to help you get there. So I’m Rodger Brian, the Partner, there’s a link right below this or above this, depending where you’re seeing this video ad. Go there, click, let’s set up a time to talk, no obligation, we’ll just talk, let’s see if scientifically we can help you move up this chain and we can help you live the life that you want to live.

It’s not hard, I’ve done it multiple times for myself, I’ve done it multiple times for my students and I can help you do it too. Thank you.

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