17. Capital Equipment and Supply List

In a business plan, you need to provide a list of movable and immovable equipments and accessories in more organized way. Now, when you write capital equipment and supply list in your business plan, you should include those equipments and machineries which are stored in your commercial infrastructure. All these items have value in the market. Your clients need to know the amount of the tools and equipments which are kept under lock and key in your store room. You need to mention the date of depreciation of products. If you are not confident of the date of expiry of your equipments, in the business plan, you should give the date of purchase.

Now, you need to give the costing value of the equipments depending on the present market price. Suppose several years back, you purchased a package of ten computers. At that time, price rates of these digital notebooks were different. However, the usage of these devices was not extensive.

In the present marketing scenario, the price can be more or less with the possibility of expandable usage. You need to calculate the price of these movable accessories and mention in your business plan. Major and minor equipments/machines/tools should be enlisted in your business plan.

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