Bryan Family Tree

G1: Engelbert I, Seigneur de Brienne unknown to 990

G2: Englebert II, Seigneur de Brienne unknown to 1055

G3: Gautier I unknown to unknown
– Eustachie de Bar-Sur-Seine

G4: Erard I, Count de Brienne unknown to unknown
– Alex de Rouce Ramerie

G5: Gautier II, Count de Brienne unknown to 1156

G6: Erard II, Count de Brienne unknown to 1189
– Agnes de Montbelliar

G7: Jean de Brienne 1150 to 12 MAR 1237
* Took part in the Fifth Crusade
* Holy King of Cypress and Jerusalem in Tyre
* Emperor of the East (Constantinople) 1231-1237
– 1209 Marie de Monserrat (Daugther of Conrad & Isabelle de Monserrat)
– Berengaria (Daugther of Alphonso IX of Castile and Leon)
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G8: Alphonse de Brienne
– Mary (Daughter and heiress of Raplh, Count of Lusignan)

*The link between the de Brienne’s and the following generations of Guy de Brian’s has been hard to completely establish. There are sources that state the de Brian’s of Tor Bryan, Devon, England are of relation to the de Brienne’s but often in history it is found that names alone do not correlate ancestry. Tracing a family back into a time frame where written records are non existent means you have to take their validity with some reserve.

There is also some confusion as to the actual line of Guy de Brian’s. It is accurate that they are part of this family line. The problem lies that in many historical records there are seven different Guy de Brian’s of which many of the birth dates and dates of death overlap making it hard to distinguish which were father/son and which could have been brothers.

G9: Guy de “Brienne, Brion, Brian or Bryan” (This appears to be the first Modern English Version of the name)
– Lady Jane de la Pole

G10: Guy de Brian unknown to 1307
* Baron of Talacharn
– Eva de Tracy (Daughter and heiress of Henry de Tracy)

G11: Sir Guy de Brian unknown to unknown
* Baron of Chastel Walwyn
– Sibel de Sully (Daughter of Walter de Sully)

G12: Guy De Brian 1299 to 1347
* Baron of Chastel Walwyn
* Fought at Crecy 1346
– Anne Howley (Daughter of Hogan)

G13: Guy De Brian (Baron Chevalier) unknown to 1390
* Admiral of the Kings Fleet 1361 (Edward III or Richard II)
* 57th Knight of the Garter
– Elizabeth De Montacute (Daughter of William de Montacue, Earl of Salisbury)

*The line as it continues past the de Brian’s and into the modern English Bryan the relationship is solid in that their record of service to the king and to their claim to Tor Bryan, Devon, England continues between the two names. The drop of the use of ‘de’ is most likely associated with a change in society whereby a person was no longer thought to be ‘of’ or ‘de’ and instead became part of the families name with out relation to their residence. So as the Bryan’s were from Tor Bryan (or town of Bryan) they were considered ‘de’ Bryan until society changed their reasoning for a persons last name.

G14: William De Bryan unknown to 20 MAR 1413
– Joan Fitz-Alan (Daughter of John FitzAlan, 1st Lord Maltravers)

G15: (Sir) Thomas Bryan unknown to unknown
* Sir Thomas, 1st Lord of Tor Bryan in Devonshire, England
– Margarett Echyngham

G16: Edmond Bryan unknown to unknown
– Alice De Bures

G17: Sir Thomas Bryan 1450 to 1500
* Knight of Ashridge in Chesham, Buckingham; Chief Justice of the Common Pleas

G18: Sir Thomas Bryan (ENG) 1464 to 1516
* Knighted by King Henry VII in 1497
* Chamberlain to Queen Katherine of Aragon of Ashridge in Chesham, Buckingham
– Margaret Bouchier

G19: (Sir) Francis Bryan (Knight Chevalier) (IRL) 1490 to 1549
* Sent by Henry VIII to Rome to secure a divorce from Queen Katherine of Aragon
* Second Cousin to Anne Boleyn & Jane Seymour
* Lord Marshall of Ireland (King for 2 months before being murdered)
– Phillipa Spice
– Joan Fitzgerald
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G20: (Sir) Francis Bryan 1549 to unknown
– Ann Smith

G21: William Smith Bryan 1600 to 1680
– Catherine Morgan

G22: Francis Bryan III (IRL) 1630 to 1694 (IRL-Belfast)
* First Generation in the US (Virginia) 1650-1667
* In 1667 returned to Ireland to reclaim family lands & rights – Was not welcomed and fled to Denmark
* In 1683 he was permitted to return to Ireland where he lived out the rest of his life
– Sarah Brinker (Cousin of the Prince of Orange)
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G23: Morgan Bryan (DEN) 1671 to 1763 (USA)
– Martha Strode

G24: Joseph Bryan (IRL) 1720 to 1804 (USA)
* Parents of Rebecca Bryan (wife of Daniel Boone)
– Alice Linville (in Virginia)

G25: John Bryan 1760 to 1837
– Nancy Mayes

G26: James Bryan 1791 to 1885
* Served in The War of 1812
* Major of the 98th Battalion of Militia
* Colonel of the 79th Regiment of Militia
– Elizabeth Betsie Cain

G27: Berian Clark Bryan 1823 to 1923
-Berilla E. Free

G28: Gabriel Milligan Bryan 1857 to 1947
– Marinda Smith

G29: James Ransom Bryan 1877 to 1966
– Eula E. Fortner

G30: Milligan James Bryan 1906 to 1975
– Trula Pauline Pickel

G31: Vurland Curtis Bryan 1928 to 1999
*WWII Veteran
– Gertrude Barbara Charlotte Schopf (GER)

G32: Roger Curtis Bryan 1951 to
– Kathleen Keger

G33: Roger Curtis Bryan Jr 1978 to
– Krista Gesaman

G34 Claire Candice Bryan 2018 to