Growing My Business – The Internet Marketing Boom

This is the part that people ask me about most.  I often get the question “How in the world do you rank at the top of page one for a word like Business Consultant”?  Let me tell you a little story….

When I started my Vehicle Donation Company in 2006 I was spending a ton of money paying people to manage my PPC Campaigns.  In 2007 I decided enough was enough so I started taking over my campaigns one at a time.  When you spend close to a half million dollars a year in advertising a 10-15% fee can really add up.

By 2008 I was in complete control of my PPC Campaigns so I turned my attention to SEO.  A decent SEO Campaign for a competitive site can cost around $5000 a month.  I was managing multiple sites… again do the math.  SEO proved to be a little more challenging then learning PPC.  It took me about two years to really get the hang over it.  In that time I attended every seminar, read every book (no really – I own a bookstore), and tested every piece of software.  After years of trial and error I developed a system that works.  I now hold around 55 First Page Listings and a handful of very competitive #1 Spots.

My SEO Funnel takes about 90 Days to complete but once a site has gone through the funnel First Page Listings are a piece of cake.   The Funnel Includes a Complete Site Build Out, an Onsite Optimization Program, a Massive Web 2.0 Build Out, and a menu of automated services.  My SEO Funnel is always evolving.  As new products or services come out my staff are some of the first to test them.  We will run multiple sites through each one recording our results and evaluating  the value of each.  When we think something is right we then give it over to our clients.  We go the extra mile to make sure none of the systems we use can have any damaging effect on our clients sites.  To this date we’ve never had a clients site get slapped by Google (not that some of ours didn’t – if you don’t try you’ll never know what works!)

We are very selective of the clients we work with and will not work with two clients in the same niche or geographical area.  If you’re interested in talking to my team about getting your site to the top of the rankings feel free to shoot us message on our contact page: