My Story

I decided to break this down into a couple different chapters to make it lighter reading.  The first three chapters really go like any other person who grew up in a Midwestern Middle Class Blue Collar Family.  Feel free to give them a read if you like.  If you really just want to get straight to it you can jump to My First Successful Start-Up which will also talk a bit about some of my earlier failures.  Most people only ask about my Internet Marketing Story so feel free to take a look at that as well.

Early Years: From growing up in the Midwest to getting my first job at age 9 I talk about how at an early age a love for business and money guided me into a life as an entrepreneur.
My ‘Education Years’: Education comes in many forms.  My education started around age 16 with me living out of my car for a year and then grew into nothing less then a life changing transformation as an enlisted Marine. Oh and I spent a little time in school as well.
My First Post-Education Job: After all the effort of getting a degree and being taught how to function in the work environment I spend a little over a year learning the 9-5 isn’t for me.
My First Successful Start-Up: In 2006 the ground work is laid for my first million dollar company.  By the spring of 2007 I’m running my own company with all the pride and stress that comes with it.
Growing the Business – The Internet Marketing Boom: It started by simply not wanting to spend all my money paying firms to do my PPC Management into an obsession that spawned an entirely new way of thinking.